A ctivities at Cabilla are rooted in deepening your connection to nature, to yourself and to others. They are designed to balance the nervous system, allowing for limitless thinking, and enhancing emotional awareness within your group. Your retreat producer will work to understand the intention of your stay and support you in creating a bespoke experience for you and your guests.

The Rainforest Experience

Temperate rainforests like ours are one of the rarest habitats in the world. Like tropical rainforests, temperate rainforests are under threat from poor management, pollution, invasive non-native species, habitat fragmentation and climate change – so it’s important that we not only keep ours thriving but invite others to experience it for themselves.


One of the most beneficial ways to experience our rainforest is through forest bathing, otherwise known as shinrin-yoku – the practice of mindfully spending time in woodland. It’s taking in all the elements of nature with your senses and being present in the moment and quietening the mind. We have several forest bathing walks for you to experience, to suit all abilities. Guided meditations are also available for you to read throughout the woods – just ask our host team for more information.

Wild Bathing

When it comes to the benefits of wild bathing, there are almost too many to count. Immersing yourself in cold water triggers your body’s natural stress response, which leads to the release of stress hormones and forces you to come into the present moment, providing a clear sense of focus. It can also boost dopamine levels, increase endorphins in the body, facilitate better circulation and lead to improved sleep and exercise recovery.

This is why we encourage all our guests to experience wild bathing here at Cabilla – we are so lucky to have the River Bedalder running through our private ancient oak woodland and temperate rainforest.

Sound Experience

Sound experiences at Cabilla are led by expert guide Janie Everett, founder of Silence & Noise. Janie blends both traditional and contemporary methods to create a therapeutic, and meditative journey through sound, accented by powerful ritual exploration, that is specifically designed to deal with 21st century stress. We work directly with Janie to create meditative and restorative Sound Experiences for your Retreat, located throughout the Cabilla site, from The Studio in The Barns to our outdoor Rainforest Studio. Please do get in touch with our team to discuss sound experiences for your next Retreat with us.

The Beavers

We recently introduced two beavers to Bodmin Moor: Sigourney Beaver and Jean-Claude Van Dam. Beavers are what we call a keystone species – as ecological catalysts, their presence encourages other species to thrive. We can arrange for a tour of our beaver enclosure during your Retreat, where you can learn more about them and hopefully spot them with their babies.

The River Bedalder
Our Temperate rainforest
The Ancient oak woodland