Team retreats at Cabilla Cornwall create space for businesses to not only learn more about each other but also to learn more about themselves. Against the backdrop of the rare and ancient temperate rainforest and taking inspiration from natural ecosystems, Cabilla team retreats allow your team to think differently than they ever have done before and leave with a reinvigorated approach to life; inside and outside the office.

Spearheading the team retreat offering at Cabilla Cornwall, our Business Development Manager Lucy Keeling highlights the challenges which teams face right now, and gives a helpful overview of the team retreat experience.

‘Cabilla now offers three bespoke retreat concepts that synergise exclusively with businesses, their staff and their ever-evolving needs.’

Tell us a little bit about team retreats at Cabilla.

In a nutshell, we have taken the concept of ‘team building’ and elevated it into a whole new realm. Cabilla now offers three bespoke retreat concepts that synergise exclusively with businesses, their staff and their ever-evolving needs, taking them from their current reality to a fresh, profound (as a recent business on our retreat told us!) new reality.

Why do you think it is important that businesses invest in team retreats?

When a business respects that every single person in the team has a nervous system that needs regulating and they make the steps to honour that, magic really does start to happen within a working environment and the results speak for themselves. There are some fantastic wellbeing apps out there for businesses to use, but in my opinion, nothing beats building humanistic connection and recreation in the great outdoors into a mental health offering for staff.

It has been found that just two hours in nature can positively impact our health hugely; from improved cognition and attention, lower stress levels, better mood and even an increase in empathy and cooperation – all the basic things that a business needs from its staff to run smoothly. The older the nature, the greater the restorative effect, so it’s rather handy that we have our very own ancient temperate rainforest!

What do you think are the greatest challenges that teams face at the moment?

Oooh good question. I have come across quite a few lately. First one would be that many businesses are having to take big steps in nurturing and protecting staff whilst they weather financial storms. They are also under pressure to get ahead of the curve for employee engagement – thinking bigger about the perks and benefits they offer, right through to creating an irresistible staff culture for retention.

I also believe that although forward thinking (and hugely helpful) remote and hybrid working can contribute to a real dis-connect within businesses and worst still, runs the risk of staff feeling lonely and de-motivated.

Another big one I have come across is lack of communication. Whether it be between departments, staff or superiors (or a mixture). It can be so common, especially when a business grows. It can manifest in a whole host of damaging ways; from high staff turnover rates, lack of moral and confidence, breakdowns in respect and even a decline in mental health.

What is unique about the Cabilla Team Retreat experiences?

As a team here at Cabilla we have all had hugely diverse careers, roles and experiences within our working lives, which has given us a LOT of knowledge in what makes a business thrive (or not). We care hugely about people and offering them an environment where they can grow in so many ways.

We are the only retreat space in the United Kingdom that is nestled within a temperate rainforest. When a business comes here, they get full, exclusive access to the Cabilla site – which is about 300 acres including a river so pure you can drink from it! I think in this day and age that is pretty unique.

Also, a key point is that we are not ‘just’ a retreat venue where you hire the space, turn up and have to do everything yourself. At Cabilla you get your own retreat producer that jumps on board from the initial emails right through to waving goodbye when the retreat is over. They work alongside you to support the creation of your bespoke retreat. Then better still, when you arrive at the venue you also have a team of hosts on site from 6.30am to 10pm every day. This has been a game changer for everyone we have had here so far- as it simply means guests can truly relax and focus on what’s important, whilst the hosts take care of the dishwasher, setting up of equipment, serving coffee etc etc.

And how could I forget Gloria! We have a gorgeous, humongous Cornish black pig that wants to be friends with everyone. She makes this place pretty unique too.

What team retreat offerings are available at Cabilla?

So we have three options to choose from, all of which include guided walks in our forest, time in the sauna, river bathing, fire pit gathering and exploring the area our beavers live in.

Firstly, we have our ‘Cabilla Method’. Genuinely, this retreat concept is revolutionary! Aside from some beautiful relaxing offerings, we have brought onboard a human behaviour specialist, a somatic therapist and a clinical psychologist. All of which will hold workshops and sessions throughout the retreat for teams to really get into the crucks of the mind and body – exploring how everyone works and functions individually and collectively. There are going to be a LOT of lightbulb moments on this retreat, whilst still being calm and restorative.

Secondly, we have our ‘Future Forest’ concept. This retreat is going to be perfect for businesses that want to plant seeds for the future…metaphorically AND literally speaking. Teams will take some time to plant their own mini forest with oak seedlings as part of our restoration project, along with some gorgeous wellbeing offerings. This retreat is wholesome, meaningful and fun.

Thirdly, we have our bespoke option. This retreat is perfect for businesses that want a bit more freedom and flexibility for their schedule. Perhaps they want to add in their own choice of activities, catering and workshops, or they want to simply enjoy the inclusive Cabilla offerings and have some free time to relax. Regardless, teams will have a profound and magical time.

What is your favourite thing about team retreats at Cabilla?

I love seeing the awe in people’s eyes when they arrive. Everyone is always blown away at the space and I always think “you just wait until we go into the forest!”. So many of the guests we have are from out of County and even from inner cities. When they come from a totally different environment into ours, you can sense a shift almost instantly.

What will businesses gain from booking a team retreat at Cabilla?

Deeper connection and understanding- of themselves, their colleagues and their purpose. Renewed inspiration. A huge sense of well-being and contentment, as well as a fresh perspective and ZING of productivity to take back to the office.

A huge thank you to Lucy for giving us a deeper insight into the Cabilla team offerings. If you would like to find out more about the Cabilla Teams retreat packages, please get in touch with us on [email protected], we would love to welcome you and your team here at Cabilla.