Working with one of the UK’s most iconic hotel brands to create their new retreat concept, Ground & Grow, has been quite the ‘pinch me’ moment; this was a first for both THE PIG and for us. Ground & Grow is a one of a kind, indulgent weekend escape featuring a whole host of incredible experiences for you to enjoy. Cabilla Co-founder Lizzie Hanbury-Tenison gives us an in-depth interview on the retreat, the partnership development and all the beautiful details you can expect. Read on below.

‘It’s a whole lot of comfort and inspiration, a weekend of relaxation and nourishment, delicious food, fresh air, beautiful locations, great company, lots of laughter, not a juice cleanse in sight!’


What can guests expect to experience on their weekend escape?

You’ll be staying at THE PIG-at Harlyn Bay where on arrival you will be welcomed by Pippa, our Programmes Director and Retreat Lead. I think Pippa is one of the most brilliant and experienced retreat facilitators in the UK and by the end of the weekend I know you will agree. All retreat guests gather and officially “open” the retreat, where everyone introduces themselves and gets to know each other. There will be tea and delicious cake, because it’s THE PIG.

That evening you’ll dine from an exclusively curated 25 mile menu, experiencing seasonal food lifted from the soil in their Kitchen Garden. You’ll drink botanical cocktails or sample some of the House Wine from THE-PIG’s vineyards. Supper is interactive and fun, each retreat has inspiring after dinner guest speakers, like Lucy Jones, Emma Lucy Knowles and Sophie Pavelle, three inspiring women with fantastic stories to share. We keep bedtime pretty early on the first night so a cup of herbal tea and in bed by 10pm is usually how it goes.

The next day, you’ll come and visit us at Cabilla. We start the day with a gentle movement and meditation class set to live classical music. We are working with the most incredible cellist duo, who’s soul-stirring sounds will ground you and very possibly bring you to tears! After truly restorative practice, you’ll stroll through our private, ancient rainforest and learn about our mother trees, our restoration project and the wood wide web with Merlin and me. A Piggie banquet will be served in our barns and after tea and coffee we’ll move outside again to plant a tree for our charity, the Thousand Year Trust, the UK’s first and only charity focused on protecting and expanding ancient British Rainforest. When you return to Harlyn Bay, Potting Shed spa treatments await. One probably isn’t enough! There’s time to take a nap or curl up by the fire with a good book too before you experience supper in the private dining room at THE-PIG at Harlyn Bay.

The next morning, you can lie in or rise with the larks and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the morning room. On to a wild swim at Harlyn Bay and warm up with the beach-side sauna and hot chocolate. You’ll meditate on the beach and enjoy that post sauna glowy feeling! It’s a weekend full of happy, relaxing experiences designed to help you slow down, connect to nature and lean into the seasons. We hope that people leave feeling nourished, contented and truly relaxed

Tell us how you came up with the concept for Ground and Grow?

We have always loved THE PIG, they are a huge inspiration to us. Their incredible seasonal menus, interiors and attention to detail of course, but mainly how experiences there make you feel, looked after and right at home.

The concept for Ground & Grow began through a visualization I’d had of a tree or a plant, with roots going deep into the earth. Sometimes we just need to slow down, to rest, to ground ourselves in the fast paced lives we lead and often when we do that, it inspires growth. We’re cherishing the shift to slowing down, being warm, nourished and rested, that was how we envisaged the guest experience in our minds.

What mood and vibe were you hoping to capture on this retreat?

The beauty of natural comforts, indulging in the calming powers of nature and an immersion of the senses; touch, taste, sound, sight in two exclusive, private Cornish locations. We hope you’ll experience some awe inducing and breathtaking moments that will create lasting memories. Sounds good right!?


Why does it feel so right to be collaborating with THE PIG?

When we started Cabilla, our experiences at THE PIG were a huge inspiration to us. The attention to detail, the little luxuries, but most importantly how we were made to feel; looked after, taken care of with good humor, good food and great surroundings, built on a foundation of environmental sustainability and community. At every step we’ve felt like we’re collaborating and working together to create an indulgent, relaxing and nourishing experience for our future guests. They practice what they preach and have made us feel a part of the team at every step.

How did you decide upon the schedule and what are your favourite elements?

The Ground & Grow schedule has been carefully curated to help you slow down the pace, reconnect with nature and find some time for you. We have put together the most gorgeous itinerary (if we say so ourselves!) that allows you to have the space to really take a step back and absorb each moment with clarity and tranquility. Of course the food plays a huge part in this beautiful weekend escape. From the carefully concocted 25 mile menu, featuring ingredients plucked straight from the Kitchen Garden to THE-PIG’s epic breakfasts, homemade sweet treats and cocktails, what’s not to love about not having to lift a finger? Come and let us look after you for a weekend.

Our Ground & Grow retreat will be taking place 19th – 21st January 2024 and 7th – 10th March 2024. If you would like to find out more, please click here. We (and THE PIG) would love to welcome you to a weekend of Grounding & Growth, just for you.