Coined by Psychotherapist & Trauma Specialist Deb Dana, you can think of a ‘glimmer’ as the opposite to a ‘trigger’. Glimmers act as a soothing balm that remedy the impact of daily and long term stressors. As we ease ourselves into the year and specifically January and February we feel like Glimmers are more vital for our wellbeing more than ever.

When was the last time you experienced a glimmer? Reflect on the last 48 hours and see if you can recall a moment, experience or interaction where you felt a sense of peace, connection or joy. Notice how you feel in your body as you recall this moment.

Simply *noticing* when a glimmer is present in your day-to-day experience can help your system orientate to harmony and to notice the ‘good’. Our brains and bodies are wired for survival and therefore have a stronger bias towards negative experiences in order to protect us from harm. Orientating to safety is an incredibly helpful and soothing practice.

Secondly, once you start to ‘track’ these experiences, you can proactively seek more of them. Glimmers regulate our nervous systems – in other words –  they leave us feeling better than before. We can benefit from them in real time and when we call them to mind. Your own internal remedy system. We asked the team to share some of their glimmers, we hope these inspire you to connect with yours….

Lucy Keeling, Retreat Producer
“Sat on the rocks at Little Fistral with Lilah (my daughter) after a bike ride from home. We poured a hot chocolate from the flask and sat watching the waves. In that wholesome, content moment, all was well in my inner and outer world!”

Rachel Hartigan, Retreat Host
“Driving with the sun on my face and the light flooding the valley.”

Jess Channing, Retreat Host & Gardener
“The garden work has been a glimmer for me. Particularly sharing the space with the birds. And especially the robins. They are so interactive and vocal. They have been at the wood chip pile every time I’ve returned to it, looking for insects I may have uncovered in the last barrow full. I love having a little chat with them as I work.”

Lucy Crump, Managing Director
“Stopping at the edge of the lake, which signifies midway through my run, early morning sunshine, blue skies and frost on the ground. Taking some deep breaths. Stillness, peace, proud of myself for making it here today.”

Sienna Richardson, Programmes Director
“Arriving home to an unexpected parcel from one of my closest friends. A thoughtful care package which was filled with some of my favourite things and a card that thanked me for our friendship. A beautiful surprise that made me feel loved, valued and extremely grateful for our friendship.”

Izzi Godley, Retreat Producer
“A glimmer happened for me when I was walking through the Rainforest at sunrise. It was the first time I’d been in the woods this year and I was struck with a sudden glimmer of how truly beautiful it was, even in the dead of Winter and how excited I was to grow with it and share my love for it with new people this year.”