L ocated in the middle of Bodmin Moor, Cabilla is an upland hill farm at the start of a new chapter. Now open for all to experience – from friends and families to businesses and wellness groups – our goal is to connect you with the restorative powers of nature, helping you to switch off in the quiet of the Cornish countryside and find happiness amongst the wilderness.


Experience more than 80 acres of ancient oak woodland, famous for its air-purifying lichens. Press pause in wildflower meadows full of butterflies and walk alongside flowing rivers, which are pure enough to drink from and to bathe in. The farm is situated deep within one of the UK’s very few dark sky environments, so there is no unnatural light or sounds from aircraft or traffic, and at night you’ll see an abundance of stars – it’s a calm and uniquely wild place.


Cabilla is one of Cornwall’s ancient old manor farms. When William the Conqueror commissioned the Doomsday book in the late 1060s, there were several hundred small farms in the peninsula that he gave to his brother, Robert, as a gift. And so, Robert became the first de facto Duke of Cornwall. Cabilla is an old Cornish word (originally ‘Carbullia’) which means ‘woollen cloak’. There is an ancient tradition that dates back to this old time: whoever lives on the farm must greet the current Duke of Cornwall at the Cornish-English border with a woollen cloak shorn from the best sheep on the farm. This cloak would protect the Duke from the Atlantic winds that come in from the Celtic sea, keeping them warm and safe during their visit. This tradition has long since fallen by the wayside, but it is a commitment that we continue here at Cabilla. We want you to always feel wrapped up and warm, whatever the weather.

Our Team


Merlin Hanbury-Tenison

Merlin grew up at Cabilla, where he has always found peace and tranquility that he has longed to share with others. After eight years in the British Army, he retired from service and spent a further eight years working in the heart of London. During this period, the importance of spending time in nature became clearer and clearer to him, as he witnessed the increasing levels of stress and anxiety brought about by urban living. Returning to Cabilla has given him the opportunity to open up the ancient oak woods and grazing land for visitors, groups, scientists and farmers to explore.


Lizzie Hanbury-Tenison

Lizzie has over a decade of senior leadership experience at brands including Green & Black’s, Boots, Boden, Clinique and most recently as Head of Marketing, VM & PR at Charlotte Tilbury. Finding a balance between city and countryside life has always been hugely important to her. The woods at Cabilla Cornwall have allowed her to mentally reset and gain perspective – she finds genuine joy in learning about the ingenuity of nature and its untold, mesmeric power. Moving to the wild beauty of Bodmin Moor is the realisation of years of dreaming. From there, she has worked to create the brand, vision and strategy for Cabilla whilst also working with start ups as an independent consultant. She is launching her first brand in October this year.

Restoration & Research Manager

Toby Broadhead

Alongside studying for his degree in Plant Science and Horticulture at the Eden Project, Toby heads up our restoration and research strategy and is supporting us in driving the future vision of Cabilla Cornwall. When he’s not hiking in Kyrgyzstan or surfing Cornwall’s secret spots, he’s applying his amazing talent for horticultural design and land management in the barns and woods. Toby is a hugely special member of the team and none of this would be happening without his creativity and drive.

Assistant Brand Manager

Claudia Sawbridge

Claudia joins us after some incredible experience working for big British brands such as Dairy Crest and Yeo Valley in their marketing and R&D functions. Our newest member of the team, she impressed us from day one with her creativity, intuition, diligence and her passion for our mission here. She’s kind-hearted, hard working and a huge part of the team at Cabilla Cornwall. We feel very lucky to be working with her.